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Title/Headline: 3D Beard Simulator (hige-chen.com)
Name of Product/Service: Schick Quattro4 Revolution
Company: JWT Japan (J. Walter Thompson Japan Ltd.)
Account Executive: Takumi ICHIHARA / Takashi AOKI
Creative Director: Akira SATO
Art Director: Kazuya TANINO
Copywriters: Eiji HONMA
Technical Director: Yasushi MOCHIZUKI
Producers: Masayuki KITADA/ Shusaku MATSUDA/ Yuichiro SAITO
Other Credits: Planner: Isao OKETANI

Main Objective: "Challenge: To launch a revolutionary Schick razor with built-in electric trimmer to style beards in Japan where only 20% of men grew beards. The objective was to increase the number of men with beards and drive trial.
Solution”GHow do you show someone how they would look with a beard? Draw a beard on your face with a marker? The key to tackling this challenge was VISUALIZATION. We innovated a piece of technology that didn't exist to create the world's first 3D Beard Simulator " Hige-chen" , a simulation website that used new gaming technology to turn 2D image into 3D animation and enabled men to see themselves with a beard in photo realistic 3D. Smart planning based on the insight: ”„I can't imagine myself with a beard so I don't intend to grow one, and without walls creative came together to produce a clever communications application.
- World's first 3D beard simulator
- 1000 styles of beard
- Viral, TVC, and magazine drove men to the website
Results: Within one month, the campaign generated great buzz (Free media coverage on 7 TV shows, 20 magazines, 3 newspapers, and countless websites/blog-sites), and Schick's share of market increased by 10% (42.8% to 52.7%) "

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3D Beard Simulator (hige-chen.com)
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